Below are some of the more common questions we get asked at V.I.P. Lane, hopefully the answers below resolve any queries you may have. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to hear from you.

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Can the V.I.P Lane Photobooth go up stairs?

Certainly! A few stairs are fine, however if we need to take the booth up several flights of stairs, there will be an additional staff fee of $100.

Can we personalise our Photobooth strip design?

Yes! Every photo strip design is 100% original and created specifically for your event! You may like to send us your invitations or theme details so our in-house designer can create a design to suit!

How much space will the V.I.P Lane Photobooth require?

We work on the booth requiring 3 x 3 meters, however, if you’ve booked extras (red carpet entry, etc) we’ll need a little more. Best to ask us for a detailed layout plan.

How many people can we fit into the booth?

Well… so far this is the record? Can you beat it?

Crowded shot

Is V.I.P Lane insured?

Yes! Rest assured we have public liability insurance and all our electrical equipment has been tested and tagged by a licenced electrician.

Is the V.I.P Lane Photobooth required to be under cover?

Yes please. We love doing outdoor events, we just ask that the equipment is placed under a marquee or some form of shelter as heat/rain will damage the sensitive electronic equipment.

Will I receive a copy of the images?

Yes! We will upload the final, edited version of your images to our secure online server within 36 hours of your event. You and your guests will receive a unique password to access and download your Photobooth images. V.I.P Lane will host the images online for one month. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’ve downloaded them before we remove them!


Can we personalise the included props?

Yes! If you have a certain theme (1920’s, black & white, sports etc) we’re very happy to theme your included props. If you don’t have a theme we’ll supply a cross section of the most popular items.