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Welcome to our very first blog post here on V.I.P Lane! We’ve snapped a tonne of great photos over the last month or so and after trolling through the photo archives (and having a heap of fun doing so), we’ve put together our favourite pics from Autumn. Check these out!


Nailed it. Perfect Shot!

We loved the skillful use of the photo frame in this one!


Full House (most people in one shot)

Pretty sure this is the record… 18 people, that’s impressive! Do we have any challengers?

Crowded shot


Best Synchronised Pose

Ok, we couldn’t pick a Winner for this one, we love both these pics! Great posing ladies :)

4 and 5


Glam Wow!

This photo is so gorgeous it could be enlarged and put on a canvas.


Let’s Go Take A Selfie!

How close can you go? That’s the best thing about our open Photobooth; you choose the framing of your shot! You can come in close, step back, try something in the middle or whatever you like – so many possibilities. We love this “selfie-esque” style these girls have gone for!



You Made Me LOL

+1’s have all the fun, as we see in exhibit A.



Best Baby Bump

Love the use of the frame to include the little bubba. Such a gorgeous photo!



Best Family Photo

Not everything has to be all fun and games. You can take elegant portraits too; just like this beautiful family!



That ends our very first Blog post here on V.I.P. Stay tunes for more great articles coming up and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay on top of all the latest news, snaps and giveaways!


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